Leaps & Bounds Preschool and Learning Center

We strive to ensure that children are safe, loved, and secure in God's love to learn, grow, and continue their education after leaving our doors. We teach children with developmentally appropriate intentions in mind, as well as provide social-emotional skills with a love of Jesus that children will carry with them into their adult lives.

Leaps & Bounds

The philosophy of Leaps & Bounds Preschool and Learning Center is to ensure that all children have a safe, secure, and encouraging place to learn and grow. Children learn best through play and must be given the opportunity to explore and learn in a safe and supportive environment. At Leaps & Bounds, all children are welcome to learn in each of our inclusive classrooms. We provide children with a nurturing place to learn while making sure that all children can participate in all activities. While implementing a play and faith based curriculum, we ensure that our teachers are up to date on all trainings and apply conscious discipline into their everyday classroom management strategies. We believe that early childhood is not just one step of each person's journey, however, it lays the foundation for the journey that each one of us must take through this life.


Brittani Ward
Leaps and Bounds Learning Center Director
260-724-2580, ext. 103